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Who we are and Why we do, what we do.

The business of medical marijuana in Canada is in its infancy. It is evolving and growing (pardon the pun) each and every day.

In the beginning this industry was pioneered and run by mavericks and masters of mayhem. It was and still is to some degree, a bit of a "bumpy ride".

We are neither mavericks or masters of mayhem. We are a group of 4 business people with over a 100 years of combined experience.

Our team includes an elite marijuana growing expert and his team, a 30 plus year health services professional, plus 2 supply chain management and international marketing experts.

We come to this industry because of our passions and our insistence on excellence.

Quality First: Medical grade marijuana is similar to the wine industry. With grapes, some years are excellent and beyond expectations, other years they are average. Also, some growers only make Pinot Noir while others make a Zinfandel. 

In our production cycles, some of our harvests exceed even our own high expectations while other harvests are only superb. This is the way of anything that is grown.

One thing we never do, produce or deliver a mediocre product.

In our craft-grown culture of medical marijuana we grow our own strains and oversee all of the harvests from the seed to its delivery to your doorstep. We strive to make sure that what we deliver is the best you will find anywhere.

Service, Service, Service: At this time, this industry is trying to grow from a "fly by the seat" business model into what we are achieving and that is to make your customer service experience, exceptional.

We are successful business people because we believe in delivering the best, always delivering quality and being open and communicative. 

You will find that we are reliable, always answer questions promptly and do as we say. we will. In short, we want to earn your business through our own efforts and passions for excellence and quality.

We hope you take the time to experience the Jazz Bud difference.

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