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Our left coast, west coast culture.

West Coast culture? It is part of what defines the Jazz Bud brand?

Tasked with describing our brand culture I thought that for a small bit of inspiration, I would have a puff or 2.

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Sativa, the perfect choice for that creative moment.

I have spent all of my life living here on Canada’s west coast. In that life I have come to understand, that part of what makes our premium brand of marijuana, better (if not the best) is where it’s made.

If you’ve never been to the wild, west coast of Canada (some call us the left coast) you should come. Once here, you will never leave, plain and simple.

If you cannot come for a visit, there are a few touchstones in our daily west coast lives which are particular and sometimes peculiar to this side of the country. Let me tell you about them.

Firstly many of us are perfectly happy to be clingers. We cling to the Pacific Ocean on one side, the Rocky Mountains on the other and often hunker down on the south side pressed up against the American border. It’s odd that we like being so close to Big Brother but I suspect we feel ok about this as we have a quick escape route to just about anywhere via the Pacific Ocean.

At the center of our west coast world (or so they like to think) is Vancouver.

A newly-minted world-class city jostling with growth and change brought on by so many newcomers from so many corners of the world. Vancouver is a city shedding its rugged past and trying on its new Armani suit, all the while wearing Fluevogs.

North of the “Big Smoke” lies everybody’s favourite ski and summer destination, Whistler B,C,. This one time bad boy has grown up and matured in the past 35 years (kind of like me). In my lifetime it has gone from rugged and remote to sophisticated and serene.

Whistler Blackcomb Introduction from Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. on Vimeo.


A short ferry ride away, that we like to tell folks from other parts of Canada “takes all day to ride” (actually only 2 hours) lies Vancouver Island.

This 460 km long island is about as far west as you can get in Canada. Clinging (once again with the clinging thing) to the outside edge of the island lies the surfing and tourist mecca of Tofino and to the south its blue-collar cousin Ucluelet.

Wild things abound there, Orcas and big slippery silvery salmon, trees as big as any on earth.

At the southernmost tipee-toe point of this most westernly island lies Victoria. So far removed from the rest of Canada that it lays claim to being well-below the 49th parallel, closer to San Francisco than it is to Winnipeg.

Any city named after a woman, is always a romantic place to be. It’s original old “downtown” built during the Yukon Gold Rush of ‘98 is carefully preserved and now intermingles with the gentrified folk of Victoria’s other favourite hoods, Fernwood, Fairfield and Oak Bay.

Back across the long ferry ride (remember it takes ALL DAY )  you skirt the southern reaches of Vancouver and ramble for 2 hours through its over-priced bedroom communities until you reach the end of Fraser Valley and begin the long trek into the southern interior of B.C.

The southern interior is a world away from the coast. Dry and a land of extremes, the south is home to Canada’s only desert. The wildlife that live here range from Rattlesnakes to Big Horn Sheep.

Rattlesnake closeup from WildSafeBC on Vimeo.

 The relative newcomers to the southern interior are the wineries and their vineyards.  The grape growers of Oliver, OK Falls, Naramata and a dozen other hamlets are our horticultural brethren. Like them, we too till the soil, graft the plant and wait patiently for the most perfect harvest.

North of the interior you find less people but more independent mindedness.

Perhaps our last bastion of mavericks, madmen and mechanics the people in the center and north of BC hold account to no one. The lives lived in towns and small cities like Prince George, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Williams Lake and others are still as freely lived as you will find anywhere.

And finally, defining our eastern border are the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. Populated with ski bums, old hippies and outdoor crazies this most remote part of the left coast is best explored on a road trip where you don’t have any preset agenda.  Stop in towns along the way such as Nelson, Fernie, Ainsworth Hotsprings, Golden and a dozen others and you have a further taste for the independent spirit that is B.C.

So these are just a few of the touchstones and totems that make up the slightly left-leaning world that is Canada’s west coast. The people and the experiences found here have come to define not only our sense of determination and independence but have made for some pretty amazing marijuana.  I hope you enjoy.

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