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Jazz Buds Quality Commitment

Our Jazz Bud Budmaster and his team of professional cultivators have been growing high-quality marijuana since the very early 2000's. 

The Jazz Bud Horticulture Department is headed by one of the industries most meticulous Budmasters. His commitment to a superior product produced without pesticides and herbicides is unmatched. 

Each crop of Jazz Bud is grown from superior seeds or time-proven clones. All plants are then grown in fully sealed infiltration-proof cleanrooms making certain that no mould, mildew or fungus is even remotely present.

The Jazz Bud nuggets are then hand harvested and hung to dry-cure for 7-14 days in a temperature controlled hermetically sealed drying room.

Once dry-cured to perfection each nugget is then hand-trimmed to remove any excess stalk or leaf leaving only the rich, pure, Jazz Bud.

The resulting product is Jazz Bud, Canada's Premium Brand of Medical Marijuana. 

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Jazz Bud Canada's Premium Marijuana Brand

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