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Jazz Bud Product Release Schedule

Welcome to the Jazz Bud product release page. Jazz Bud is a artisinal craft-grown marijuana whose reputation has been built upon providing amazing quality, limited-edition exclusive product releases of pesticide-free medicinal marijuana.

Each season we release a few new strains and a couple of old favourites that we feel meet the high standards of our brand. 

Below are a few of our summer 2016 offering along with hilights from past seasons.

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Summer 2016 (release date July 1st)

Alaskan Thunderfuck: Unleash your inner creativity.

 alaska thunderfuck online canada marijuana

Dark Angel: The perfectly balanced hybrid.

dark angel marijuana

Trainwreck: A Sativa for all seasons.

trainwreck sativa marijuana

Juicy Fruit: A sensible Sativa.

juicy fruit sativa


Spring 2016

White Widow: Our most popular strain.

white widow sativa indica marijuana

Blue Cheese: Relax those tense, taught muscles.

blue cheese marijuana strain

Alaskan Thunderfuck: Crazy name, amazing results.

alaska thunderfuck medical marijuana canada

Pink Kush:  Deep, deep Relaxation.

pink kush online canada marijuana

Northern Lights: A Pure Indica.

northern lights spring 2016

Winter 2016

U.K. Cheese: Creative and Euphoric.

canada's best marijuana

Aurora: Deeply calming.

aurora marijuana canada online dispensary

Green Crack: Pure Cannabis Bliss.

green crack canada's best marijuana

Master Kush: Full Body Blur.

master Kush online dispensary marijuana

Train Wreck: Deeply relaxing and wonderful.

train wreck marijuana


Fall 2015

White Widow: Our best Hybrid. THC 23%

White Widow marijuana canada

Sour Diesel: The dreamiest Sativa.

Sour Diesel Marijuana

U.K. Cheese: Unleash your creative side.

U.K. Cheese Marijauna Canada

Afghan Kush: Lay back, relax.

afghan kush marijuana canada

Summer 2015

Alaskan Thunderfuck: Crazy name, amazing results.

alaskan thunderfuck marijuana canada

Bubba Kush: Indica, can you say relax.

Bubba Kush marijuana summer 2015

Pink Kush: Deep Relaxation.

pink kush marijuana canada

Girl Scout Cookies: You will want a BIG glass of milk with this.

girl scout cookies marijuana

Spring 2015

OG Kush: Limited-Edition of this potent Indica . 26% THC.

OG Kush Marijuana spring 2015

Bruce Banner #3: A delicously creative Hybrid. 24%THC

Bruce Banner

Northern Light: A pure Indica.

Northern Lights Indica Marijuana

Lemon Haze: A Creative Sativa

Lemon Haze Sativa Marijuana


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