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Jazz Bud. Canada's Premium Craftgrown Medical Marijuana

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The Jazz Bud brand represents the best in today's artisinal, craft-grown Sativa's, Indica's, Hybrids, Edibles and Creams. The Jazz Bud strains of medical marijuana are some of the highest quality available on the market today. 

The Jazz Bud motto is "Not Available Everywhere".  This means we sell limited quantities of high quality marijuana leaf and other marijuana products. We hand-pick our buds at the peak of perfection, dry-cure them for 14 days and then hand trim and package them with love and care.

The Jazz Bud brand specializes in providing an elite quality product combined with a superb customer service experience. All of the Jazz Bud medical marijuana products are discreetly delivered from our federally licensed growing facility direct to your mailbox.

Our team of professional medical marijuana growers and cannabinopathic consultants have taken the art and science of cultivating "Bud” to a whole new level of sophistication and quality. 

Today's medical marijuana is a sophisticated and safe treatment for some of our most disabling and frustrating social and medical conditions.This is where the knowledgeable experts at Jazz Bud prove their value….read more

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