Jazz Bud, Canada's Premium Mailorder Online Marijuana Dispensary
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Canada's Choice for Online Marijuana Dispensary.

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Jazz Bud is located in Victoria BC and has been running a brick and mortar dispensary since 2011.

Not only is Jazz Bud a dispensary but Jazz Bud is a federally licensed grower of marijuana. 

We are also part of the burgeoning Craft Cannabis movement that is separating itself from the big growers (like Tilray and Tweed).

"We view this as very similar to the beer industry and their history" states Big Bud Bob, Jazz Bud CEO.

"In the beginning there was only Labbatts, Molson and Carling O'Keefe. They offered a limited selection of beer types and their focus was on basics." says Big Bud Bob.

In the 1970's along came the U-Brew movement where people got together in clubs to make U-brewed beer. This lead to experimentation, new recipes and an amazing increase in both quality and selection. Today the craft beer market makes up nearly 40% of the marketplace. 


"Our goal is to follow the same path as we have seen in the craft and big beer movement"\

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