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Aurora Fact Sheet

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STRAIN LINEAGE                                                              

Afghan x Northern Lights                                                             


Aurora is a very potent 90/10 Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain that has been effectively bred through careful genetic selection, a process that involved matching a female Afghan plant brought to the west.with a Northern Lights male. Aurora is best known for its ability to induce heavy full body effects along with a very sedative cerebral calming.


The aroma of Aurora is very ranging, thick and oily to fruity to floral depending on the bud structure, environment, growing conditions and the phenotype of the strain. The flavour of Aurora ranges from earthy to pungent to spicy to herbal, with sweet floral notes, a complete plethora of flavour which helps give Aurora its uniqueness When grown in soil, Aurora takes on a very apparent Afghan flavour courtesy of its Afghan lineage.


 Aurora is an excellent bedtime medication offering the medicinal user solid medication for insomnia and pain and above all, a very restful night’s sleep. Aurora provides the medicinal user with a quick, heavy buzz and the effects can be very sedative. Aurora is also good for treating insomnia, back pain, spasms and hyperactivity


Aurora is quite capable of producing a ‘couch lock’  effect in individuals and should not be under estimated by medicinal users. This is a very strong Indica dominant marijuana strain.


Aurora makes patients feel::Euphoric, Happy; Hungry; Relaxed; and Sleepy.  


Aurora helps patients relieve the following: Depression, Insomnia; Lack of Appetite; Pain; and  Stress.


Unfortunately, some patients may experience: Dry Eyes; Dry Mouth; and Paranoia.

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