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Menopause finds an ally with medical marijuana

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Woman finds relief in medical marijuana

The following article appeared 5 years ago and discusses the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of menopause and its symptoms.


FAIRFIELD — The episode in June 2007 that sent Margaretta Moore to the hospital was the catalyst, she said.

Moore, who is now in her early 50s, was on the roof of the car, banging away. Her husband, Chip Moore, 50, said he tried to call 911 that day but he was put on hold. She fell off the slowly moving car while trying to reach into it.

She was life-flighted to a hospital and released with a mild concussion and staples in her head.

“I was having an out-of-body experience,” she said of the day. “I wasn’t (me).”

She was having issues with depression, so she was initially diagnosed as bipolar with depression at a time when some menopause symptoms were prevalent, and was put on Lithium and Prozac. She took the drugs for a year but it was a diagnosis she never agreed with, she said.

A series of other symptoms — blackouts, severe hot flashes, irritability, inability to sleep, no appetite plus loss of menstruation — led her medical path to severe menopause symptoms. She was put on hormones, but they didn’t seem to work, either.


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