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Marijuana facts and info Jazz Bud

Bruce Banner #3 is an excellent and very popular Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Named for the alter ego of superhero ‘The Incredible Hulk’, Bruce Banner #3 is one of three phenotypes of the Bruce Banner marijuana strain family. BB3 was created by Delta9 Labs through crossing OG Kush, an Indica marijuana strain with Strawberry Diesel, a hybrid, primarily Sativa dominant marijuana strain. Bruce Banner #3 lineage is responsible for that wonderful diesel aroma and sweet undertone features of this unique, and most exotic strain. BB3 like other Bruce Banner strains packs a punch, and is well balanced between its Sativa and Indica effects and properties. Solid and on point!

 This prized hybrid is quickly gaining strong recognition as a solid medical marijuana strain. The effects come on quickly to provide the patient an immediate burst of euphoria, before easing into a relaxation that many believe to be perfect for creative pursuits and indulgences. This green monster also comes with a reputation for being high in THC.

 Bruce Banner #3 has been described as having a flavour that is sweet and earthy, yet with a pungent citrus property. Compared to the aroma, the taste is considerably earthier and less sweet. The aroma of BB3 is self-evident with its pleasant, slightly sweet diesel scent courtesy of Strawberry Diesel. A powerful aroma for a powerful strain with a flavour to match! Forget the Hulk, just go with Incredible!

 Bruce Banner #3 offers the medicinal patient a solid and very evident cerebral lingering from the start and then finishes with a powerful body relaxation plus pain relieving effect. BB3 is considered by many medicinal patients as a most appropriate daytime medication however, it can be used at bed time as well. BB3 offers moderate pain and stress relief with mind altering effects and is very effective in treating the symptoms of numerous medical conditions.

 Bruce Banner #3 makes patients feel: Euphoric; Creative; Happy; Relaxed; and Uplifted

Bruce Banner #3 helps patients relieve: Depression; Fatigue; Headaches; Pain; and Stress.

Unfortunately, some patients may experience: Dizzy; Dry Mouth; Dry Eyes; Headache; and Paranoid.

 Bruce Banner #3 Marijuana Fact sheet


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