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Pink Kush Fact and Info Sheet- Jazz Bud- Canada's Online Marijuana Dispensary

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Marijuana Fact Sheet Jazz Bud Canada                                                                      

Pink Kush is an Indica hybrid marijuana strain, with great roots back to OG Kush. It has gained popularity from its exceptional variations with pink hairs bursting from bright green buds, fabulous sugar-like trichomes, and a taste of sweet, vanilla and candy perfume… truly a great Kush! It also offers ‘great bag appeal’!  Some veteran medicinal marijuana patients consider the power of this hardy strain to be overwhelming. Small does alone produce a very blissful and euphoric high, which can be very long lasting. Pink Kush provides the body with much needed relaxation as it continues to work to enhance the elimination of pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. Pink Kush is an Indica strain most frequently used for promoting rest and relief without causing the user to become totally sedated. 

Pink Kush is a good anti-depressant and is well known and documented for targeting Epilepsy and its subsequent seizures. It is an Indica that also provides good sexual enhancement. Its Kush heritage is definitely prominent in taste, smell, and the hard hitting, powerful properties of relaxational effects for medicinal users, making it effective in treating the symptoms of numerous medical conditions including the likes of depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, pain and stress. Pink Kush is very capable of producing ‘couch lock’ in some patients.     

Pink Kush is a potent Indica strain that genetically is high in THC as well as CBD. An excellent Kush, often used for targeting pain. Pink Kush is a superb medical marijuana strain because of the broad spectrum relief it provided to the user.

Pink Kush makes patients feel:Euphoric; Happy; Hungry; Relaxed; and Sleepy.

Pink Kush helps patients relieve the following: Depression; Insomnia; Lack of Appetite; Pain; and Stress.

Unfortunately, some patients may experience: Anxious, Dizzy, Dry Eyes Dry Mouth; and Paranoia.

Pink Kush Marijuana Canada


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